Engage Us For All Company Secretarial Matters


When you appoint us your Company Secretary, the Scope of Services would be as expected from a First Class Company Secretary of a Public or Limited Liability Company and would amongst others encompass the following:

  • Maintenance of ALL Statutory records of the Company

  • Ensure the Company's Compliance with all relevant Statutory and Regulatory Requirements.

  • Preparation of Notices of Board and Shareholders' Meetings, Attendance at and Conduct of Board and Shareholders' Meetings and the recording of Minutes of such Meetings.

  • Preparation of Minutes of Board of Directors Meetings by Circulation, when so required.

  • Preparation and Filing of Statutory Returns and other documents with the Statutory/Regulatory Authorities.

  • Procurement of Certified Documents, Filing of and obtaining approvals for increase in Share Capital, alteration to the Statutory Documents of the Company etc.

  • Routine advise on Company Secretarial matters from time to time

  • All Duties Are Performed By Highly Trained And Qualified Barristers And Solicitors.